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Based on 145 reviews
High Quality Tweezers

Sharp, precise and easy to use! I love using it not just when putting lashes on, I also use it to tweeze my brows.


I love Char Lashes so much! It is so easy and I never have to deal with getting glue everywhere. It is so sticky and has strong hold. I use it daily and saves me so much time.

Magic Glue
Cailin Yates

It was a good product but I see kids using it so very not recommended for children I got your magic glue as a gift so I hadn’t used it but my older friend said that it was magical

Love ❤️ it

Overall, the Dreaming Bunny Collection is seen as a game changer is lash application, combining convenience with high performance to enhance the beauty routine of its users. The collection includes a variety of lash styles to suit different preferences, from subtle to dramatic looks.

90 degree Soft touch tweezer

High quality, easy to use

I absolutely love these tweezers, they make it so much easier to apply lashes more precisely. They are good quality as well and super easy to use. A must for your makeup bag 🌷

Magic Glue
Cassie Nguyen
Best glue

One of the best glues for eyelids. It dries quickly and it last for long time. If you still can’t use it you’re probably using it wrong but if u use it right it’s perfect .


honestly so easy to put on and i had so many compliments saying they look so natural, definitely recommend.

These lashes are magical!

No glue, no magnetic glue, no effort at all! Just apply and that's it and being able to reuse them makes them last so much longer too. The best lashes, you need them in your makeup bag!

Worth it!

I absolutely love this and exceeded my expectations. I love how natural it is and goes very well with every look!

Surprisingly Fantastic!

Double eyelid tape never worked for me. While I was researching online for an alternative, I came across this product by Char. I was a bit skeptical at first seeing that there wasn't much reviews or exposure about it and I was really worried if it's gonna be another scam. I decided to give it a try and the whole ordering process was really nice as I was given constant updates regarding my shipment. When the product arrived, I gave it a try. While it was a little tricky at first to apply, I managed to master it quickly and WOW what can I say!!! It looks natural and the most important thing is that IT STAYED ON FOR THE WHOLE DAY. Even after rinsing it off with my makeup cleanser, my eyelids still kinda stayed in place for a couple more hours. If you're like me that is searching for a solution to uneven eyelids or to just get double eyelids, this is definitely trustable and a great product!!!!!

Magic Glue
Tuul Bayaraa

Magic Glue

Magic Glue
Great product, bad container

The product is great, just as advertised! Only very small amount needed!
But the pen is very hard to use, every time I turned the tip to let the glue out, it either not pushing out or it pushes tooooooo much!
Very very hard to control

i love itt

90 degree Soft touch tweezer

Definitely buy it

It helped me even more. The quality of the tweezer is very good. Definitely buy. Thank uuuu

Dreaming Bunny Collection
Preyasi Adhikary
Must buy

It is different from all. I like very much.

Love the lashes and tweezers

So excited to try these they look great I already know I love the tweezers! They will be amazing for application.

It’s it pretty, the packaging is cute it is too girly like me… I love everything specially the glue on the lashes it is so sticky and easy to work with. No need to wait it to dry, can apply it directly

Dreaming Bunny Collection
Thania Kae Catambay
Dreaming Bunny Collection

Very satisfied with order. Best falsies that I have and tried so far, my favorite wisps is the Summer eclipse! My eyelashes look pretty long when I have these and it gives volume on it. Highly recommended!!!

Magic Glue
100% Yes

The customer service is excellent. I was struggling to use the glue, so I joined the 1:1 Zoom meeting. Sakura is very nice and friendly, and she helped me apply it correctly. It works very well. I 100% recommend trying it. ❤️

90 degree Soft touch tweezer
Angel Claire Flores
Dream bunny collection

Lovee the lashes so much!! Very easy to apply and so convenient. Thank you so much for the wonderful products char!!💗💗

Its so easy to use!

Love it, definitely makes the application easy!

Honest review

I absolutely love the Dreaming Bunny collection + Magic glue! The colors and packaging feel so luxurious, and the Dreaming Bunny collection looks incredibly natural, like real eyelashes. Plus, they're so easy to use since you don't need glue, and they're reusable too! The Magic glue works wonders for creating a seamless and natural double eyelid. I'm really impressed!

90 degree Soft touch tweezer