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90 degree Soft touch tweezer

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Made the application process so much easier and really high quality.

Magic Glue
Beth Vang
Not good

The product doesn’t set and dry like how it’s advertised. It does not hold the crease in place for the intended purpose.

the prettiest falsies!

i loved how you don’t have to use glue and also that they’re reusable! i totally think they’re worth the price!

It did not work.

No product arrived and no accountability for refund

I have sadly not received my products. I decided to get extra so I’d have the free shipping. The order was for almost 100$. It hasn’t arrived yet and there is no sign of it arriving anytime soon. It’s been 20 days and you keep asking me for a review so here it is.

I asked what happens if the product is not arriving to me and this is the correspondence:


Thank you for your response. It took so long for it to come that I’m no longer in India. It’s coming to my friends house and she will send it to me in Nepal. But I have no way to contact the India post office. It doesn’t seem to move at all. I guess that if it doesn’t come then I’ll get refunded, right?


We won’t able to refund unless India post has returned to us and arrived our warehouse. Then we will able to issue a refund.



We won’t able to refund unless India post has returned to us and arrived our warehouse. Then we will able to issue a refund.



So, there seem to be no accountability to whether or not the costumer actually is getting the product that they payed for?

Magic Glue
Bayarsaikhan Enerel
Didn't like it

I was curious about the product at first, then I tested it and I was dissapointed. The product became crusty even I put a small amount. Will not buy it again ☹️.

Magic Glue
Anna Tang
Great Product!

Product was amazing and the delivery was fast, and the price was decent as well. Highly recommend.

worth it

i cried for an hour and these withstood a heavy stream of tears, still looking good. would highly recommend.

Finally something that is easy to use on ME

As a pro Makeup artist. I am so excited to find Char. Because I can use all kind of eyelid tape on other but I have trouble putting it on myself because of the normal drying time it takes or I can't see the position well on my eyes with uneven eyelids.
Char makes this eyelid adjustment process easy. It is very quick drying. I don't have to hold a fan in front of me. Is easy to use, a small amount goes a very long way.
Love the result with or without makeup.
Enhancing the shape of my eyes and making it look so much bigger.
Love it!

Magic Glue
Louise kim
Worth the money

As a double eyelid product guru , Magic glue changed the whole game with eyelid products.

The non-sticky and transparent level is impressive. I will recommend to friends and family

Magic Glue
Julie Kramer

Product was satisfactory but the applicator tool broke after a few uses. Just broke off from base. Feel it needs to be more durable considering it would be used on a regular basis.

Hi ,

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to send the replacement for you. Apologize for any inconvenience cost. Please email us confirm shipping details.

Magic Glue
phoebe kim
Very innovative

I am shock how little do I actually need to apply it. It is non-sticky. The point is to blend it out evenly and let it dry with no crease. You can create a double eyelid so easily. love it.

Magic Glue
lam yik ling
Great with makeup

it is so invisible and look even better with Makeup on it.

Magic Glue
70-Year-Old Learns New Tricks ,if I Can, You Can Too!

As a 70-year-old woman, I never imagined that I could regain my confidence. However, after attending their session, I was amazed by how helpful they were. I can now lift my very hooded eyelid once again. I've been practicing, and now I'm ready to go to my daughter's wedding in Bali in March! I am very happy with the result and their customer service.

Magic Glue
Josie Zhou

Magic Glue

Dreaming Bunny collection + Magic glue

Magic Glue

Ive been struggling to lift my mono eyelids up as an Asian girly but came across char glue which helped me get these double eyelids :))
Thanks Char!!

Magic Glue
Carol Lee
Highly recommended!

As soon as you found the correct placement it worked so well
and very invisible like your own skin. The foundation colour of the glue matched my skin very well. This glue is same as they advertised. you must apply VERY little and make sure it is dried before applying 2nd layer.

Must need !

I tried normal brows tweezer to apply lashes is hard. You must need a properly lash tweezer to apply it. It such a life saver! Easy to use and can get my lash done in 3 seconds.


I absolutely love these false lashes. They are perfect for people who have sensible eyes like me. I feel so pretty wearing them, you don't even need to use mascara!

Love it

I have been using Magic glue the last 8 months. The new self adhesive lashes is so easy to apply and boost my makeup look !! It never came off and it allows me to reuse it with no issue at all

Best glue I’ve tried

I have used many different types of eyelid glue and tape and could never get it right. I did the class with Char and I am so impressed with both her and the product.

I don’t think I would’ve ever been able to fix my eyelids if I didn’t get this glue.

The glue is amazing and everything about the product is so well thought out I will definitely be buying again!


I’ve been watching Char for about 2 months now and When I first saw that she sells Eyelid correctors I was super happy SO OF COURSE I HAD TO BUY ONE! Shipping was amazing and the product itself was beyond fantastic. The formula is gentle and smooth, drys quickly which helped with layering the product. The key for a good application is knowing where your fold is and using just a little bit of the cream. I love this product so much I got instant results which I was so happy with I would definitely buy again! It really is magic 😍

Magic Glue
Erin K
best double eyelid maker ever! <3

As someone with an Asian hooded eyelid, I went through the struggle of looking for a solution to let my double eyelid become visible. When I tried double eyelid tape, people would always tell me there's a sticker on my eyelid, and to make matters worse, I had a severe allergic reaction to the tape, making my eyelids red, swollen, scaly and puffy. I thought the only solution was double eyelid surgery. However, when I found out about Magic Glue, I was amazed at how invisible and strong it was to hold up a heavy, fatty eyelid. I bought two boxes just in case. It was difficult to master at first, but once I did a Zoom class with Joyce, it was easier than I thought! Joyce is very well-spoken and specific when it came to explaining my eye-shape and the placement of the glue, so it took only around 17 minutes to master the technique. I highly recommend buying this glue and 100% doing the Zoom class, because Joyce is definitely an expert and knows what she's talking about! If you are against Magic Glue because it is "crusty", "flaky", or "it doesn't hold up": give it another go with Joyce and I guarantee you will change your mind!